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Alberta Asthma Centre

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Alberta Asthma Centre


The Mission of the Alberta Asthma Centre is to maintain and extend excellence in the assessment, management and treatment of asthma and provide learning opportunities for patients and their care givers to help overcome the hardships imposed by asthma in the community.

Objectives Of The Asthma Centre

  • develop a network of practitioners, interest groups and researchers dedicated to the highest quality of care for patients with asthma, for education of patients and health care professionals, and for basic and applied research on the etiology, pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of asthma.
  • facilitate optimal use of existing knowledge and resources, improve the treatment of those with asthma, develop new knowledge in all aspects of asthma, and, in doing so, reduce the burden of asthma in the community.
  • foster an environment where members challenge the boundaries of knowledge and are encouraged to share their challenges with health professionals, researchers, and patients.
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