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Planning the wRAP-UP Session

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Planning the wRAP-UP Session

The children should be thinking about what they want to show their parents during the last session.

cueIconWe only have three sessions left! During our last session, we will have a group show for your parents. What would you like to perform for your parents? It can be a skit, a RAP song or a puppet show.

Encourage discussion. Remember, it is the childrens' show for their parents. If possible, let them decide what they would like to do.

cueIconAsk you parents and teachers if the can please attend our show. There is an invitation on the back of your Fun Book. Let's write the date of the show on the invitation. It is ____________ [insert date].

Ensure the children write the date on their invitation. Do the children understand the invitation? Ensure they know how to invite their parents and teacher.
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