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Closing Activity

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Closing Activity

Encourage the children to tell their parents what they learned during this session.

cueIconWhen you go home, show your parents how you use your asthma medication and tell them what the medication is for.

Review today's content.

cueIconRemember, preventer medication helps protect you from asthma triggers. It takes a long time to work. Reliever medication helps relax the muscles around your airways. It works fast.

Who can tell me one thing that happens in your lungs when your asthma worsens.

Encourage discussion of tightening, swelling and increased mucous production.
Provide the children with information about the next session.

cueIconBefore the next session, think about what your asthma signs are. Try the Fun Book activities at home and come on ____________ [insert date]. Remember to bring your Fun Book and diary with you.

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