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Roaring Adventures of Puff

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Introduce instructor

Tell the children your name, why you're teaching RAP (e.g., occupation, parent, child has asthma, interests) and a little about yourself, such as what you do for fun.

Introduce Puff the asthmasaurus puppet (8 min.)

speach iconWelcome to the Roaring Adventures of Puff asthma education program. We are going on a fun adventure where we learn how to take care of our asthma.

cueIconDo you know how to take care of your asthma? Raise your hand if you do.

Count the number of children who know how to take of their asthma. Let the class know that not everyone can take care of their asthma.

cueIconWe are going to have a very special friend join us. His name is Puff the Dino.

Knock on a door or table and pull Puff the puppet from a suitcase or box onto your hand.

cueIconHey everybody, say “hello” to Puff.

Let Puff talk about asthma and sing the RAP song with the children!

cueIconHi kids. Are we ever going to have a great time together. Who has been on a roaring adventure before? We are starting on one today! Get ready for some fun. We are going to learn how to beat asthma. Guess what kind of a dinosaur I am. I'm an Asthmasaurus. Guess how I survived extinction. [Ad lib with student responses.] I found out everything I could about my asthma and I asked my doctorsaurus lots of questions. Do you guys ask you doctorsaurus lots of questions? So now I take care of my asthma and I can go on all kinds of adventures.

I have had asthma for a trillion years now. I used to play hockey on huge glaciers and wrestle with tigers. I discovered that if I wore a scarf when I went skating, to warm the cold air and to warm-up before I played, I did not have any asthma problems. I stopped playing with tigers because I was allergic to them, besides, I'm a little too old to be wrestling anymore.

I like going on hikes in the mountains, and rollerblading. I look after my asthma by avoiding things that bother me such as animal fur, strong smells, and smoke. I also take my medication every day as my doctor tells me to.

Have Puff talk rhythmically

cueIconLet’s kick off our first session with Puff's rap song. Help me out with a few finger snaps.

Have Puff sing his RAP Song for Session 1.

cueIconSee you later.

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